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The Steel Valley School District's elementary staff is committed to providing a quality educational program that will meet the varied academic, social, and physical needs of its students. Instruction and curriculum center upon the basic skills with emphasis upon the development of good mental and physical health. In its totality, the learning climate promotes the development of a well balance self-image with attention to the mental, emotional and physical well-being of each student.

A hands-on, multi-faceted approach is encouraged in the major subject areas of Reading, Mathematics, English, Spelling, Social Studies, Science, and Handwriting. Specialized instruction is provided in the areas of Art, Music, Library, Physical Education, and Computer Science. The district provides remedial Reading and Mathematics instruction and classes for the Gifted in an effort to augment the regular classroom instructional program.

Children begin their education at age 5, attend half-day sessions and develop basic learning and motor skills.

A well-trained counseling staff is employed to assist in matching students to curricular programs and fulfilling graduation requirements.

Exceptional children are educated in special education programs operated either by the district, the Allegheny County Intermediate Unit or by private schools approved by the Department of Education. Students are carefully and professionally evaluated before admission to these programs.

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