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Identification Cards

Steel Valley School District

No. 240 Section


Title Identification Cards

Date Adopted May 14, 2001

Date Last Revised September 10, 2001


1. Purpose




2. Guidelines

240. Identification Cards

Student cards will be utilized by the Steel Valley School District for security and identification purposes in all district buildings. Students in grades K through 12 will have their student photo identification cards taken on a time schedule to be determined by the district.

The card will contain the student's picture, his/her student number, first and last name, school and grade.


At the end of each student day, the elementary students' identification cards will be kept on the student's desk. A student's picture identification card may be used, but not limited to, a child find device. In addition, it could be utilized in the cafeteria for lunch accounting purposes.


Students would be required to present the card:

  1. When requested by teachers, administrators, security officers, and transportation personnel.
  2. When purchasing a ticket and/or admission for athletic/school activities.
  3. For use in media centers.
  4. For cafeteria accounting purposes, if applicable.

Students must have the identification card visible on the front of their person at all times during the school day. The card may be required for usage in the cafeteria for free and reduced lunches when applicable.

Refusal of a student to show his/her identification card when requested or refusal to replace a lost identification card will be considered a violation of the Code of Student Conduct. Fraudulent use of the identification card is also a violation of the Code of Student Conduct. Secondary students must also show their identification card at all student activities and events conducted at the Steel Valley School District.

All students in the district will be issued an initial photo identification card at the expense of the district. At the secondary level (Grades 6-12), the student will be held accountable and responsible for the maintenance and use of his/her card. In the event the student loses the card, the student will be charged:

first replacement
second replacement
every time thereafter


Student cards are the property of the Steel Valley School District. Students are entrusted with its use. Therefore, when a student leaves the district, the card must be returned to the designated area as required by the specific building. Fees collected in the student identification system are to be utilized exclusively in maintaining the photo identification system.


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